I regularly hold courses and workshops on UX design, digital marketing and CX, data storytelling, digital media education. Being a trainer is a calling and an essential part of my work.


As a partner at LEN - Learning Education Network, I have been an instructor and coach at some of the leading Italian business and vocational schools, and companies such as Florim, Cargill, Grandi Salumifici Italiani, Banca Carige, Laminam, Gruppo Romani, Davines, and many others. Before that, I have been a lecturer at the University of Bologna for eight years.

Cisita 2020 Course: Multimedia designer with expertise in graphics and computer vision — UX Design and accessibility module (Cisita, 2020)

Cisita 2020 Course: Big Data Lab / Marketing analytics and business intelligence — CX module (Fondazione Aldini Valeriani, 2020)

JM 2020 Course: Digital analytics (JM Consulting, 2018)

IFOA 2015 Course: Mobile app developer — UX Design module (IFOA, 2015)

IRECOOP 2008 Course: Tour operator — Web Design module (Irecoop, 2008)

Unibo 2003 Graduation session (University of Bologna, 2003)