My name is Alberto Monteverdi. I live and work in Parma, my hometown in northern Italy, with my wife, daughter, son, parents, and a Mac. I graduated in Communications at the University of Bologna in 2001, and I have worked in digital product design and management ever since. I am also a passionate trainer.

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About me

Among creatives, I end up being the techie one. Among technologists, I end up being the creative one.

My core skills are UX design, content design, and data storytelling. I know how to code, and even if nowadays I’m coding less often than I used to, I still quite like it.

I feel deeply involved in themes such as the digital transformation of the cultural and creative economy and how to make technology more sustainable for humans and their environment.

Whenever possible, I like to bring some of my passions to the table: well-crafted words, conceptual photography, no-frills information design, thoughtful public speaking.

I believe in calm leadership. I believe in accountability as opposed to centralization. I believe in the power of silence. I believe in the power of a smile.

Some more things

I am co-founder and president of TurboLenta APS. We organize the Lentezza Festival and other stuff about sustainability.

I am a Torino FC supporter.